The Final Word to the Disengaged Employee.

After a series of management workshops, where we discussed a variety of communication strategies, the most profound insight came from a brand new Supervisor.

What do you say to a disgruntled employee after you have done everything in your power to “help” them?  You’ve coached, listened, empathized, encouraged, etc., etc. and they are still disengaged and uncooperative.  We arrived at this discussion in the workshop and the newly promoted Supervisor said:

“I can’t fix everything.  I’ve done everything I can to improve our work environment. I won’t do anymore and need you to take your share of the responsibility.  Please meet me halfway.”

 I took the liberty of editing the comment but the intent is the same.  As a manager, you have the right to take a  firm stand when necessary.  It may not win you any friends, but it may win you some much needed respect.




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