Do You Really Want that New Boss?

I once had an interview with a major cable television company where my prospective boss made it clear that he was an insomniac who was prone to sending 3 a.m. emails. He never attempted a smile and seemed proud that his workaholic ways made for a poor family life.  He could have just as easily said, “I won’t be satisfied until everyone around me is as miserable as I am.”  I did appreciate his honesty.  It allowed both of us to make an informed decision about my suitability for the position.

Here is a Fast Company article by Michael Grothaus on 6 red flags that you are about to work in a bad environment.  Here are a few of my red flags:

  • No one in the building seems happy to be there.  You should be able to see at least one “happy-go-lucky” smiling face in the place.  Just one.  That’s not too much to ask.
  • The office environment is depressing. If the place gives off a bad first impression, just imagine working there everyday.
  • Your interview appears to be a bother to everyone from the security guard to the new boss.  If this is how you treat a guest (you invited me remember), imagine how you treat employees.
  • The interview process is excessive.  While I understand turnover is expensive, some jobs are just not worth four interviews, a DiSC assessment, drug test, panel review, background check, prostate exam, etc., etc., etc.  I feel unwelcome  before I even get hired.
  • There are hundreds of qualified candidates for this position and several rounds of interviews, yet the position is still vacant. There is a bottleneck in decision making that will show up on your first day at work.  Don’t say I didn’t warn you when you are waiting two weeks for your new hire paperwork to finish processing.

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