Is Your Meeting Really Necessary!

Meetings may be the biggest time waster in corporate America.  This great infographic from the Fuze claims that middle managers spend as much as 35% of their time in meetings.  Here are three quick questions to remember when scheduling (or not scheduling a meeting):

  1. Does the meeting have a clear objective or goal?  Have you ever attended a busy meeting with lots of information, ideas, and talk – but you haven’t actually resolved or accomplished anything?  Don’t be the person who calls that meeting.  If there is not clear “end product”, then why are you calling a meeting.
  2. Can the objective or goal be accomplished without a meeting?  You can guess what I am about to write.  Some of the most productive meetings can be five minute one-on-ones.  You eliminate the people and issues that will take you off your objective. If you can do it without a meeting, then why are you calling a meeting.
  3. Is the meeting worth the time and resources it will consume? Do the math.  Add the salaries, the lost productivity, the lack of results and you have a huge waste of resources.  Reduce the participants or eliminate the meeting.

(adapted from  the book, The Secrets to Masterful Meetings: Ignite a Meetings Revolution! by Michael Wilkinson)

The Ugly Truth About Meetings